One of the many desirable towns within Bergen County is Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, which is known and named for its 21 different lakes. With 21 lakes, it is hard to believe that this much nature would be so close to the bustling city of Manhattan, which is just 40 minutes away —making it a perfect escape from the work day and the busy city life. With this short commute and abundance on luxury homes both inland and lakefront, it is no surprise that many have found the perfect estate to suit their needs and desires within the borough.

Franklin Lakes is not only home to multiple bodies of water but it also home to many luxury estates ranging from new construction to older mansions. Luxury estates and homes are nothing new to this borough as affluent individuals began to develop this luxurious town into one filled with mansions around the time of the turn of the century. Even with already well-established and historic estates there are multiple new construction homes sites waiting for your custom touch to fully develop your future masterpiece.

One of the best characteristics of the small 9.5 square mile town is that most lots take advantage of the surrounding nature and are over one acre in size. Not only do they take advantage of the abundance of natural beauty in this area, but many homes are situated on one of the multiple lakes which allows for amazing views and a truly relaxing atmosphere.

Getting to Know Franklin Lakes 

Due to the small size of the town, the community is incredibly close knit. It is also a very quiet and country like community which has helped to maintain the idea of it being an escape from the everyday city life for many. Adding to the substantially wooded lots that can be found throughout the town is the tranquility of multiple bodies of water. Since there are so many lakes it is no surprise that you can find multiple lakefront properties and estates here. With these lakefront properties, you can be sure that the architects and designers of these homes have considered the proximity to the water and have taken full advantage of maximizing the views. For some properties, you simply cannot believe the breathtaking views that are tucked away within the wooded areas of Franklin Lakes.

The cost of entry into Franklin Lakes is typically north of $1 million dollars but when seeing the homes and estates you will see that it is worth the high price tag as Franklin Lakes contains stunning custom-built homes throughout that feature incredible top amenities for even the most discerning buyer. There is sure to be a custom-built home that will suit your style as the architectural styles of these homes have an incredibly large range. Within Franklin Lakes you will find amazing modern homes, newer Dutch colonial style homes and even homes that are modeled from Tuscan villas. When it comes to amenities these properties surely do not disappoint with features like exotic custom wood work, tennis courts and even infinity pools overlooking one of the town’s lakes.

Lakefront Properties in Franklin Lakes

Lakefront properties in Franklin Lakes are some of the most desired and sought-after properties. While lakefront properties in general are highly desired, there is one exclusive lake that is desired above them all. This 100-acre lake has only 24 homes surrounding it which are all part of an exclusive club called the Indian Trail Club. The lake itself is the premier lake in Franklin Lakes and is aptly titled Franklin Lake. This area around Franklin Lake is sometimes referred to as the “Gold Coast” of New Jersey. Living in this community gives you access to the Indian Trail Club which is home to many recreational amenities including its own lakefront beach, tennis courts with a pro shop and a top rated catering facility for all of your event needs. From here on your home you can also participate in water activities to take full advantage of what the lake has to offer.

Aside from the Franklin Lake community, there are other notable communities like Urban Farms and Shadow Lake Estates. Urban Farms is also located in the surrounding area of Franklin Lake. On the other side of Franklin Lakes is where Shadow Lake Estates can be found. This neighborhood surrounds Shadow Lake.

Not all properties in Franklin Lakes are lakefront. There is a section of Franklin Lakes that is considered the hills of the area. In this area you can expect to have amazing views from a higher elevation giving you a different perspective than those on the lakefront.

Within Franklin Lakes there are also historic homes like the Bartholf Hughes house and Post-Terhune house. These are all a result of the desire to move and build gentleman’s farms for wealthier individuals coming out of New York to create an escape.

Life in Franklin Lakes

Life in Franklin Lakes is all about taking advantage of the surrounding natural features like the wooded areas and the 21 lakes within the borough. These natural features are ensured to be preserved as Franklin Lakes, a designated Tree City USA, has its very own Shade Tree Committee. The Shade Tree Committee’s mission is to preserve and protect the town’s shade tree population and ensure that they are keeping the natural beauty of the town. The town itself even has its very own tree specialist. For anyone thinking about removing trees, they must consult the tree specialist first. In addition to these Shade Tree Committee activities they also maintain a tree farm which is the source of trees that are planted in Franklin Lakes’ public spaces. As you can imagine, this helps to preserve the trees and in turn ensures that the air quality in Franklin Lakes is very high.

In addition to the wooded areas throughout the town, there is also a 120-acre nature preserve within Franklin Lakes. The Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve is an amazing place for residents and visitors to do multiple outdoor activities like bird watching, hiking or going for a picnic. Within the nature preserve there is also a top fishing spot. As one of the top 100 fishing spots in the state of New Jersey, you will be able to find multiple species of fish which include carp, catfish, large mouth bass and yellow perch. This helps to make Franklin Lakes the perfect escape for the sportsmen who enjoys fishing or the nature lover that finds enjoyment in being outdoors.

With a high number of shade trees in the area, there are also multiple opportunities for bird watchers to see the local bird species. While bird watching can take place throughout the town, there is also a sanctuary that is operated by the Audubon Society right in the town of Franklin Lakes. The Lorrimer Sanctuary is a 14-acre sanctuary for both birds and animals. The sanctuary was a gift to the New Jersey Audubon Society from former resident Lucine Lorrimer. Within the sanctuary there is a former home that dates back to the 1700s and is currently used for the sanctuary’s office as well as visitor center. Additionally, the 14 acres also includes walking trails throughout multiple species of trees.

Just like other neighboring Bergen County towns, Franklin Lakes boasts extraordinarily high rate schools. Overall, the school district itself receives a rating of 10 out of 10 from This is not only a great characteristic for current residents but also future residents which adds to the potential resale value for those looking to sell or buy.

Buying a Home in Franklin Lakes

Deciding where your first or next luxury estate can be difficult at times but for those looking for the offerings of Franklin Lakes it can be a decision you will not regret and could be an escape for you forever and an opportunity to pass a truly special property down through future generations. Whether looking for a place to escape to or a year round residence the town of Franklin Lakes will not disappoint and is sure to be a relaxing setting for you to enjoy.

At Special Properties, we understand what a luxury buyer is looking for in their search process and are able to match the correct estate and luxury property with your needs. Our specialty market is the highly desirable towns within Bergen County, which includes the beautiful landscape of Franklin Lakes.

The agents of Special Properties live within these towns and are a part of the community so they are the perfect individuals to inform you about the town as well as give you a personal tour to show you what life is like within Franklin Lakes. With over 25 years of experience in the area, Special Properties is not only well versed in the real estate industry but also in the area they operate. For luxury home expertise in Franklin Lakes be sure to utilize the major resource that is Special Properties.

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