Think beyond a fitness room or home theatre. Man caves and home offices are tired. Guest rooms are important, but how many do you need? Elevate your luxury home with a unique room, tailored to your own lifestyle needs.

Recording Studio

Turn your hobby into an experience with an at-home recording studio. Upholster the walls with sound-buffering materials, fill the room with instruments that inspire your creativity, and set up a full recording workstation, including a “live” room for recording, control room, and vocal booths. High-end speakers will enhance the music-listening experience, while helping you record and refine your work.

Morning Room

Add some serenity to your a.m. routine with a Morning Room. A room of peace dedicated to centering yourself every morning will bring composure to the rest of the day. Furnish with pillows for meditating, and utilize soft, natural light to provide balance and tranquility. Finding time for quiet self-reflection in a dedicated meditation room will ease the stress of everyday life and bring peace to your daily routine.

Personal Spa

Why go out to a spa when you can create your own oasis at home? Spoil yourself. Install a steam shower for health and beauty benefits, deck out a vanity for a personal stylist station, designate a corner for your masseuse, whatever self-care rituals you indulge in. For the superfluous luxury touch, install a heated floor, dimmable lights or a skylight, and a natural aroma – the devil is in the detail.

VR Room

Virtual Reality will soon be commonplace. Whether it’s for gaming, business, or just for fun, VR systems demand a lot of space and purposeful room design. VR goggles make you blind to your surroundings, so put plenty of space (aim for at least seven feet) between you and any items. Invest in a swivel chair for the whole 360 degree spin. Take a load off, stay hydrated, dim the lights, and enjoy.

Home Bar

Crafting a home bar to your personal tastes is the cherry on top of a perfect luxury home. For the alcohol connoisseur, opt for a “tasting room” instead of a generic bar, focused on a specific spirit or aesthetic. An Irish Pub motif is great for basements or rooms with historic flourishes, build a hidden door behind a bookcase that opens into a prohibition themed bar, or go modern with sleek décor and colorful lighting.



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