Business is not as we knew it, and that doesn’t mean it can’t be better than it was! We can’t go back – we have to move forward and we can’t long for what was.

Was it really that great?

I sell residential real estate and I have always loved my job. An affirmation that I taped to a wall in my office says, “If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.” I’ve had it taped there for a decade and I still believe that. 

But I found I was on a never-ending treadmill without balance in my life.  I always had a great time no matter what I was doing or who I was with, but this forced quarantine has changed so many things for me.

I am loving the time at home with my husband and my two Yorkies. It’s very relaxing and comfortable and we have a great routine and when we need space, we have it. I miss my daughter but enjoy our zoom calls, especially the ones with wine. We talk all the time and send funny and inspiring messages back and forth throughout the day. My new schedule makes plenty of time for exercise throughout the day which I was determined to maintain and I do.

Now let’s get to business!
Now more than ever we understand that our home is truly our sanctuary, our haven, our private space, our protection, our shelter, our peace. On one of our wine infused zoom calls, I told my daughter that I felt like my home was giving me a hug…I cherish it.
How we do business with our buyers and sellers in the future will look a little different, however, it will be done professionally and carefully and here is how I envision it.

For the sellers of property:

  • Photography is everything! 
    Great stills, videos, slideshows and the more the better.
  • Interact and advertise in as many different websites and media sources as possible, along with social media and of course print advertisements.
    It’s an effective combination of synchronized marketing.
  • There must be a COVID-19 addendum signed by all parties, covering that no one in the immediate family is currently sick and no one has travelled recently. This is for the buyers and the sellers.
  • The sellers request that buyers wear masks and gloves and some also require booties. No one should touch anything in the house. The broker will open doors and cabinets, when necessary. 
  • No children at showings.

It is basically the same for buyers:

  • The agent would have the buyers follow them in their car and communicate via phone. 
  • We would confirm that the buyers are not dependent on the sale of their home to make a purchase.  
  • Sellers would confirm that they are dealing with qualified buyers.

Office Procedures:

Every company will have their own house policies.
I love working remotely and plan to do much more of this. It helps with that balance I mentioned earlier. Some companies are allowing only one agent for each section of the building and masks and gloves are essential.
Space may have to be reserved.

Every business will have to figure out their nuances. The commonality with ALL businesses is both the clients and the employees/staff have to feel comfortable interacting with each other or it doesn’t matter what we all do. Be safe and above all be considerate to one another. We are all in this together. Although business will feel unusual for a while as we acclimate, I truly believe there are many things that will be better than before.

Let’s all work together, it’s so  important – NOW MORE THAN EVER!

Vicki Gaily,

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