A beautifully historic and rural town located in northeastern New Jersey, Saddle River is a haven for those who make their home there. With its proximity to New York City, just 35 minutes by car, it has been an escape from the busy city for many individuals and families dating as far back as the 1700s. The beauty about Saddle River is its wonderful rural setting, which has been consistently and beautifully maintained throughout the years by multiple thoughtful planning decisions.

Living in Saddle River

Not only is the town close to New York City by car, but the nearby train station was thoughtfully positioned just outside of the town. It provides the ease of accessibility to the city without taking away from the town’s rural feeling. In addition to this, the town has also passed an ordinance in the 1950s requiring a minimum of 2 acres per lot. In the 1930s there were zoning laws put in place to prevent the nearby George Washington Bridge from contributing to over development of the area.

With thoughtful planning like this, Saddle River is the perfect place to find your own luxury estate. Once a place for strawberry farming, Saddle River has developed into a community of luxury enclaves and peaceful surroundings.

While the town is noted for its stunning estate homes, it also is a highly desirable place to live due to its superb school system. For those with a discerning taste for food, an additional draw to Saddle River is the Saddle River Inn, which is an incredibly highly rated, unique French restaurant located within a 210-year-old restored barn. It makes for a truly rustic but luxurious dining setting.

With expansive rural plots of land within Saddle River, it may be no surprise that there is one of the top-quality farms for water lilies and koi in the country called Waterford Gardens. The gardens themselves are historical in that they were originally founded by William Tricker who can be can be attributed as one of the original cultivators of the commercial water lily.

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Saddle River Luxury Houses

With a minimum size of 2 acres for each lot, there is no shortage of luxury houses in Saddle River that have meticulously maintained landscapes. Not only are the lot sizes ideal for those looking for a rural escape from the city, but they are also well received by those who are interested in the equestrian arts. There are many estates that boast equestrian amenities as well. Due to the town’s origins dating back to the 1700s there are multiple options for residences ranging from stately historic homes to newer, modern mansions. These amenities and much more appeal to luxury buyers, which makes it no surprise that the community of Saddle River is one of the wealthiest in the state of New Jersey.

While Saddle River is a highly desirable place for people to live, there is one area within the town that is desired more than the rest. This area is known as Chestnut Ridge which is named for being located just off of Chestnut Ridge Road. Chestnut Ridge is one of the showcase areas for the beautiful pink flowering dogwood tree, Saddle River’s official tree. Not only is this area in abundance of these beautiful flowering trees, but it is very heavily wooded making for one of the most private settings in Saddle River.

Privacy is one of the most attractive features of Saddle River, which is why many people of note from different walks of life have called this home or currently call it home. Some athletes, musicians and a former president have resided in the community.

Another notable development within Saddle River is Burning Hollow which was developed in the 1970s. The homes in this area are priced in the low millions and are incredibly luxurious as well.

There are many estates in Saddle River to choose from with new construction available as well as pre-existing homes. French styled estates and chateaus are largely popular in the community and can be found throughout Saddle River. The French style estates play incredibly nice against the rural settings that can be found on these multiple acre estates. With the amount of acreage that comes with most of the estates in Saddle River, meticulously kept grounds and uniquely landscaped properties are not uncommon. These beautiful grounds also incorporate many outdoor amenities including tennis courts, pools and outdoor kitchens.

New Homes in Saddle River

Newer construction in the town is bringing in some different styled homes, most notably Hamptons-chic styled properties. These properties have clean and modern lines with traditional touches as well. This style flows from the inside to the outside as well with pools that are surrounded by lush green grass and wooded areas. While Saddle River may not have the beach that the Hamptons does, it does have waterfront properties.

The waterfront properties are located along the Saddle River which runs through the community from the north in the New York Rockland County area. The waters of the Saddle River are home to many species of aquatic wildlife including trout and largemouth bass. If being close to the water and partaking in water activities is important to you, then an exclusive waterfront estate in Saddle River may be ideal for you. These waterfront properties do not often come on the market as the amount of properties on the waterfront are very limited. Although they are very limited, the estates on the river make sure to maximize their location by landscaping and designing the properties around grand river views.

While much of the property offerings in Saddle River are large luxury estates, there are homes that are smaller in size. These smaller homes can be utilized for primary residences, secondary residences or they also provide the opportunity for expansion. Since the size of the lots is a minimum of 2 acres it allows plenty of room in most lots for some type of expansion.

New construction is still happening in Saddle River but you do not need to purchase new construction to get a beautifully updated, move in ready place for yourself. Many of the pre-existing homes are undergoing massive renovations that can really bring in the modern feel to some of these more traditional and older estates but preserve the original design of the house.

Homes for Sale in Saddle River

It is hard to imagine that a luxurious and bucolic place like Saddle River was once a place travelled heavily by soldiers in World War II and the Revolutionary War. Since, it has turned into a rural haven for luxury estates and those looking for a private escape not far from New York City.

Learn More About Saddle River

For real estate needs in Saddle River and the surrounding area, Special Properties is incredibly knowledgeable and familiar with the area. With luxury specialists on Special Properties’ team residing in Saddle River, you can be sure to get the most up to date information on the community from actual residents and their experiences from living within Saddle River. While both older homes and new construction can be found in Saddle River, Special Properties is equipped to handle both for you. In addition to residing within the areas Special Properties does business, they come with years of experience prior to starting Special Properties in 1992.

Special Properties prides itself on dealing with the most discerning client with the utmost care and consistency to provide the best luxury estate purchasing experience possible. They are known for giving a true luxury experience to their clients who they value as if they are family.

If you are interested in luxury houses for sale in Saddle River, Special Properties can setup a special private and exclusive tour to show you the area as well as what is currently available. For those who are not familiar with the area and are looking to take up residence in this area, whether to escape on occasion or to live full time a tour will be sure to show you everything that Saddle River has to offer.

To fully appreciate the beauty of Saddle River and to experience the level of service that Special Properties offers to its clients be sure to get in touch with an expert from Special Properties. You will be sure to enjoy the luxury experience you deserve.

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