Situated in northeastern New Jersey, Saddle River is an incredibly historic and rural town just on the other side of the New York state border. With its roots tied back to the 1700s, Saddle River has been thoughtfully and incredibly well developed throughout its life. In the late 1800s residents thought ahead to make the town accessible but also keep its rural feel by developing the railroad system to be just outside of town. Due to this, Saddle River is the perfect location for luxury real estate buyers looking for an escape from the city. With its rural setting and proximity to New York City, it is a perfect location for commuting. Just 35 minutes by car and nearby train stations to take you right into Penn Station.

luxury real estate in Saddle River

Luxury Real Estate in Saddle River

An ordinance passed in the 1950s requiring a minimum lot size of 2 acres within Saddle River, which has been well received for those interested in luxury real estate. Considered one of the wealthiest communities in New Jersey, there are many options for the luxury buyer from old stately residences to newer modern mansions. Most properties add to the rural feel of the town due to their generous lot sizes. Consequentially, there are many equestrian centric estates within the town as well.

While exclusive, the town is incredibly diverse in the backgrounds of the residents that reside here due to the beautiful setting and the short distance from New York City. Many notable figures have owned residences in this area, including musicians, athletes and even former presidents. One additional draw for these notable individuals is the privacy within the town. There is even what is known as a hidden park which has athletic fields, a playground and an amphitheater.

Not only does Saddle River offer an exclusive setting unlike any other in Bergen County due to its minimum lot size, there are some of the lowest real estate taxes within the county here. This is due to many services being shared with neighboring towns such as school systems overlapping with nearby Ramsey.

Chestnut Ridge

When it comes to luxury real estate in Saddle River, the entire town is highly desirable. However, there is one section that is arguably more desirable than the rest. This section of Saddle River is known as the Chestnut Ridge area. It is off of Chestnut Ridge Road which runs from the north alongside the Garden State Parkway until it splits off into Saddle River. This area of Saddle River is incredibly wooded and secluded, which allows for much desired privacy and picturesque landscapes. The settings and lots in this area are made even more unique by the amount of flowering pink dogwoods in this area. Saddle River’s official flower is the pink flowering dogwood tree, and there are many to see throughout the entire borough.

Homes for Sale in Saddle River

Special Properties is incredibly familiar with the Saddle River area and its beautiful homes. Most homes in this area are large estate-like properties with mansions. Both new and older construction exists within the town. The majority of homes are in the multi-million-dollar range and contain the incredibly well-thought out designs and custom finishes. These homes typically not only have incredible interiors but also amazingly thought out, polished landscapes that complement the area’s rural setting. With a minimal 2-acre lot size you can be sure that no matter the property chosen, there will be sufficient room for all outdoor activities. There are still some smaller homes that have beautiful lots to allow for expansion or pure enjoyment.

At Special Properties, we understand the luxury real estate market in this area and more importantly we understand the needs of a luxury real estate buyer or seller. Our experience has allowed us to take part in these truly special properties that are simply works of art. The opportunity to find the right property for you is what we live for and strive for in this market.

If you are interested in learning more about luxury real estate in Saddle River and what the area has to offer, be sure to reach out to the experts at Special Properties for a tour of the town and information on currently listed properties.

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