Upper Saddle River is one of the most affluent towns in the state of New Jersey and Bergen County. Just 35 minutes from Manhattan, it is a great place to live for those working in New York City who are looking for a contrast from the busy city life. Originally a farming community, Upper Saddle River has taken advantage of former rolling hills once used as strawberry fields and apple orchards to develop a luxurious rural community with mostly one acre plus lots.

At Special Properties, we work and live in the area and follow closely what is happening in not only real estate but also the communities itself. Keeping an eye on what is happening in the community and with the real estate market, we aim to keep buyers and sellers up to date on everything having to do with Upper Saddle River.

Here are a few trends that we are currently watching:

Real Estate Trends in Upper Saddle River NJ

1. Home Listings in Neutral Colors

We are seeing the spectrum of the color gray being utilized more in homes as a neutral as opposed to the classic neutrals of beiges, ecru and off whites. This is in line with most of what is happening in the country, as we see homeowners and buyers not being as afraid to make bold statements with stark contrasts in the gray color family.

While pure, stark white is still a largely popular trend especially in high-end finished rooms. The grays that are being brought in are contrasting beautifully with these stark whites and giving a real sense of drama to the homes that use this trend. Many are also going as far on the gray spectrum to include complete black as an accent color on not only walls but woodwork and trim.

Examples of this color family being used (not only in paint colors but material choices) can be seen on many new construction properties for sale in the area as well as recently renovated properties.

2. Listings Featuring Smart Home Technology

Working in an affluent area and specializing in luxury homes we often get to see many new trends and technology sooner than most as our clients have the means to be early adopters. One of these is smart home technology, which we are seeing being implemented in existing homes and being put in to almost all new construction in the area. Smart home technology refers to technology that is implemented in your home and connects to the Internet to provide you with a more convenient and efficient use of your home.

The technology ranges from utilizing your smart phone or tablet to control all your electronics like lighting systems to monitoring the systems in your home like heating and air conditioning to ensure that they are running as efficiently as possible. In some cases, these technologies learn your habits and will adapt to be able to adjust certain settings for you based on the time of day and what you would normally do at that time.

At Special Properties, we are staying up to date on these technologies so we can properly market them for our sellers and help buyers understand what the additional amenity brings for them and how they can value it.

Upper Saddle River NJ Homes

3. New Construction in Upper Saddle River

While Upper Saddle River is an old and historic town in New Jersey, there is still a lot of new construction going on. At the time of this writing almost 25% of the available homes for sale in Upper Saddle River were new construction. Due to the increased desirability of Upper Saddle River, which can be attributed to many things such as highly rated schools and close commute to New York City, we are seeing more new construction in this area to meet the demand.

The benefits to new construction are that the home is move in ready and no renovations need to be done. Most have modern touches and include many of the modern amenities you would expect in new luxury homes. In addition to new construction, many homes on the market have been fully renovated to be like new within the last few years.

If you are interested in learning more about Upper Saddle River and what is happening please get in touch with Special Properties and we will be happy to assist you in finding your dream home as well as dream location.

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